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Afraïd is a family of musical collaborators centered around founding members Jakob Battick and Ryan Cutler. The group began in Portland, ME in the summer of 2013, and uprooted itself to the San Francisco Bay Area in the summer of 2015.

Afraïd's music is dark and set at a slow motion pace, built with layers of drones, guitar, and voice. Though the group has evolved stylistically over time, its body of work has always been marked by a shrouded, foggy atmosphere rich in both space and melody.

After a handful of limited early releases, the group released its first full-length, entitled Sinister Vibes, on the West Virginia based label Crash Symbols in 2015. Eternal Motherfucker II, a split album with former Afraïd member Jared Fairfield, followed on the Maine based label Pretty Purgatory in 2016.